Thursday, August 30, 2018

8 Months Pregnant Update

I am 32 weeks/8 months pregnant today. My app says the baby is around 3.5 pounds and is as big as a squash. I'm definitely feeling the weight - I guess this is what they call "heavily pregnant". Baby girl kept me up last night, just like her older brother, she's a squirmer and kicker in the evening and early morning. When I woke up, I was feeling out of breath, not sure if due to the heaviness or sleeplessness.

I better get on preparing stuff for the baby. First task is to organize her closet and launder her white clothes. The big items left to purchase are the sterilizer, crib and breast pump spare parts. I'll be reusing most of P's stuff, never mind if they're colored blue.

A couple of friends are planning to throw me a baby shower on September 8. I really really really hope somebody gets us a diaper bag haha.

I still commute to and from work. It's the only exercise I could get so far and I hope to give birth through NSD again.

And oh, I had another bad constipation episode last week. Only a suppository worked. My OB prescribed a laxative and I've been okay so far.

I'm also due for a check-up this Saturday. I hope my OB does not cancel last-minute like she did last time. I'm hoping we could check out the rates and rooms of the hospital.

Friday, July 13, 2018

My Favorite Time of Pregnancy

I am currently 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Just 104 days to go. GAH. I think this is actually my favorite time of pregnancy - the bump is big enough that there's no mistaking that I'm pregnant but it's not yet too heavy, and the baby is kicking well enough that you can feel it with your hand over the stomach but it does not hurt. Just reveling in this feeling right now, my yayas are leaving in a couple of days without any replacement yet. So help me God.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Six Months, et cetera

Unlike my first pregnancy, I haven't been compulsively checking my pregnancy apps. Hence, I was a bit surprised that I am already six months pregnant as of yesterday, July 5. June has been incredibly hectic so I will try my best to write what has happened.

P had his last bakuna for the year. It was his second shot for Japanese Encephalitis. Days before going to the pedia, I was priming him by showing him the photo of his pedia and telling him that he should not cry nor shout (because he throws an insane fit every time). I was confused when he started saying, "Doktora, chocolate!" I forgot that I used to tell him that Doktora will give him chocolate after his shot, although it is I who brings the chocolate. When we arrived at the guardhouse, he was surprisingly quiet and not crying, even while we waited outside the clinic. He would usually start crying at the guardhouse pa lang. He whimpered a little when the baby before him cried. When it was our turn, he started crying, but not as much as before that we were finally able to get his weight on the weighing scale. While we still needed Daddy and the pedia aide to hold him, he did not fight back as much as before. Too bad it's his last until next year, he may start resisting violently again next time. Or maybe he'd be more mature next time.

P and his flowers. He has become fascinated with the flowers outside that he has taken to picking some out for me when he and his Daddy go outside. Awww.

P and window markers. I asked my sister to buy him Crayola window markers when they went to Singapore. It's given us a few minutes of quiet time. LOL.

Congenital Anomaly Scan. I had my congenital anomaly scan and cervix measurement at Pacific Global Hospital last June 16. The wait took a while even if we were early that I suddenly missed Medical City. Haha. Anyhoo, the baby is fine, no congenital anomalies, placenta and cervix are okay so I'm not at risk for pre-term labor. More importantly, IT'S A GIRL! When hubby saw the result, he immediately demanded that we try for another boy, whoa! I had an inkling that I'm carrying a girl though because my symptoms are milder. Thus, I can now call my bump "Naneng" - Ilocano for baby girl.

Two-Week Seminar. For the last 2 weeks of June, I attended a two-week seminar in Bayview Park Hotel Manila for MCLE compliance and other stuff. I signed up and paid for this in February way before I got pregnant. So when I got pregnant and calculated that I will be five months along during the seminar, I debated whether I should go through with it or not. I thought though that it will be harder when I already have two babies if I postpone it for some other time. At first, I was planning to stay in the hotel with P and his ates but hubby said it'd be cheaper if I get a driver. So I borrowed DA's car and got hubby's cousin to drive for me for 2 weeks. Although I was seated most of the time, the seminar was exhausting and stressful, so much so that...

Emergency Room trip. At around 4:30 A.M. of June 23, I suddenly woke up with a painful stomach. I thought I needed to poop. I was then lying on my right side so I tried shifting to my left side but I could not move. My stomach was so hard and painful and I started to panic. I woke up the hubby and he said we should go to St. Luke's. So we left without changing out of our house clothes while P wailed on the floor as he was left behind. Throughout the drive to the hospital, my stomach remained rock-hard. They brought me to the pre-labor room and checked the heartbeat of Naneng which was okay. However, the hardness has stopped by then. I was given Duphaston and something to relax my uterus. As I was discharged, I saw my OB in her clinic and she asked what I did. I said I had a seminar. She said it was probably due to stress (ha!) and she prescribed progesterone and Duphaston just in case it happened again. I on the other hand thought that my body was so used to walking that it got "stressed" when I sat down all the time.

P's first army cut. P had his first army cut this Sunday. Granted, he started crying when he saw that we were going inside Cuts for Tots, but again, he did not resist as much as before. He used to struggle his way out of the car/seat. This time, he just cried haha. I distracted him by blowing bubbles and making him hold the spray bottle and remote. Hay, this boy.

Yayas leaving. The yayas are finally leaving on July 15, with or without replacement. I've decided not to ask them to extend again.

Kicking. Like P, Naneng has taken to kicking up a storm in my belly. So much so that her kicks can already be felt when you put your hand on my belly. Gah, only three months to go. I better start listing the things I need to buy.

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